Frequently Asked Questions


How much does WireFix cost?

Box of 10(SKU: WF 01-10) is $149.90(that makes each unit price $14.99)

Box of 50(SKU: WF 01-50) is $649.59(that makes each unit price $12.99)

Each device(unit) has 1 WireFix component and 3 cover strips. These 4 components are sold together(not separately)

Which localization wires is WireFix compatible with?

Kopans, Hawkins II, Hawkins III and Ghiatas wires.
These are 4 of the 5 most commonly used wires in the United States.

Should WireFix be placed before or after post-wire-placement mammogram?


Is WireFix sterile?

Yes, WireFix is sterilized with ethylene oxide and is sterile for 3 years.

How do I place an order?

Orders can be placed in by email, phone, fax or you can fill out an order form on our website and pay by credit card.
Phone: 1.877.707.7474
Fax: 909.363.8153

Where is WireFix Made?

WireFix is designed, assembled, sterilized and packaged in the United States.

How much force does it take to remove the wire when using WireFix?

Withdrawal force(Pulling away from patient)
Without WireFix With WireFix
Kopans: 0.71(lbs) 3.50(lbs)
Hawkins II: 0.74(lbs) 2.71(lbs)
Hawkins III: 0.52(lbs) 1.58(lbs)
Ghiatas: 0.53(lbs) 2.49(lbs)
Deeper Migration(Wire driving deeper within patient)
Without WireFix With WireFix
Kopans: Unknown 2.82(lbs)
Hawkins II: Unknown 1.51(lbs)
Hawkins III: Unknown 1.30(lbs)
Ghiatas: Unknown 3.02(lbs)
Testing was performed using ballistics gel.

What is the minimum order?

1 Box of 10 devices (SKU: WF 01-10)
1 Box of 50 devices (SKU: WF 01-50)

Does WireFix work with Homer wires?

No, Homer wires come with a device called mammalok which blocks the WireFix clipping action.

Is WireFix MRI safe?

Yes, WireFix has no metallic components and therefore is safe for MRI use.

Does WireFix contain latex?

No, WireFix contains no latex.

Is WireFix available outside of the United States?

No, at this time WireFix is only available in the United States.

Can I place an order and then billed later?

Yes, in fact this is how most orders are made.

Can I buy WireFix from another vendor?

No, LeBeau Medical is the sole distributor of WireFix.

Is WireFix FDA approved?

Yes, WireFix is FDA registered.
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